Our Perfect RecipeForGorgeous Hair

Our team care about your hair. We understand that the foundation to great looking & gorgeous hair is by recommending a healthy hair regime. Success isn’t created overnight and for amazing hair inside-out, it is an on-going journey. We have the perfect recipe for beautiful hair…

LadiesStyling & Finishes

Our perfect recipe for gorgeous hair;

The correct shampoo, condition/treatment & styling products + The right amount of time in between hair appointments + The correctly prescribed services/style = BEAUTIFUL HAIR!

Enjoy our incredible Eufora products with all cutting, styling & special occasion services. You will receive our exclusive luxury Eufora experience with all shampoos; Includes an indulgent aromatherapy essential oil experience & head massage.

More TreatmentsLessProblems

Is your hair feeling limp, dull, dry, damaged, broken or fine? These are problems that our team are experts in. We have a solution for every hair problem.

Problem Area

Damaged, broken hair, dry, damaged, lacks in shine, Or if you’re chemically processing or colouring your hair, hair colour fading quickly




  • Repairs & reconstructs damaged, brittle hair
  • Improves manageability
  • Aids in protecting hair
  • Ensures healthy, stronger, shinier hair
  • Vegan friendly

Problem Area

Dry, damaged, lacks in moisture, lacks in shine, scalp conditions


Eufora hair masks


  • Hair mask best suited to your hair needs
  • 100% natural ingredients

Problem Area

Dull, limp, build-up, medication use that affects your hair, damaged, dry, broken hair, lacks in shine, lacks in moisture, hair colour fading quickly, scalp conditions


Malibu C Crystal Gel
Malicbu C Malibu Make Over


  • Hair mask best suited to your hair needs
  • 100% natural ingredients

Problem Area

Lost vibrancy in colour, would like a subtle change of colour


Lipgloss Finish


  • Semi-permanent colour refresh & tone without the use of colour
  • Quick 15-20 minute appointment

Problem Area

Loss of hair or hair thinning


Eufora’s thickening promise


  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Promotes new hair growth within 30 days
  • Thickens & revives hair


We are the experts in beautifully coloured hair and our priority is ensuring your hair condition & strength remains uncompromised. We will advise you on the best route to take in order to achieve your desired outcome whilst treating the hair.

We use highly advanced technology within our products including; PPD FREE & ammonia FREE permanent hair colours, or opt for our 93% natural ingredient formula, superb for enhancing shine on the hair & additional conditioning properties. Bright and bold or subtle and silky? The choice is yours & we will advise you on what’s best for you.

If you are thinking of having a colour with us, we require a consultation to be booked with us prior to your initial colour appointment. Please call us to book this on 01733 308737.



If you are thinking of having a colour with us, we require a consultation to be booked with us prior to your initial colour appointment.

What’s involved in a complimentary colour consultation:

  1. A informal chat & refreshments. Here we will ask you questions to find out a little more about you & your hair.
  2. We will look through photos to find out what your desired style is to ensure we are on the same page.
  3. We analyse your natural or artificial hair colour & take strands from your hair. Once you leave we test the colour on your hair strands to ensure the target can be achieved and also test compatibility & hair strength.
  4. We will ask you about budget & other requirements to ensure we book you for the correct service & match you with the right stylist.
  5. We will give you your patch test to apply & book you in!


Bella Mia is a unisex salon, therefore we don’t like our gents missing out. We offer complimentary refreshments for everyone including wine and beer if that’s what you fancy! We know your grooming regime is as important as your hair, therefore we add our special touchers with Hero by Eufora If you’re after hair colour, please see hair colour prices for our equal pricing structure.



Chemical perming, smoothing & straightening treatments

Your hair condition is our main priority. We use the very best products in order to maintain a healthy hair & scalp condition. Our team can perm, permanent smooth & straighten the hair in a unique way.

In order for us to ensure we can go ahead with the treatments, we require a complimentary consultation prior to booking an appointment so we can take test strands from your hair. Please call us on 01733308737 to book your consultation where we can advise on the best route.


Hair extensions are best to add volume, thickness, length and even to add flashes of colour. We LOVE superb transformations & the long chats that come with them. Equally, we want you to relax & are happy to let you nap in our chair during the hair extension fitting.

We currently offer micro ring, nano ring, glue and tape hair extensions. We source the best quality hair and offer a range of hair types to best suit your budget.
We are able to fit hair extensions from as quick as 45 minutes, depending on the method.

We require a complimentary consultation in order for us to discuss requirements and analyse which application would be best for your hair, scalp and lifestyle. Please call us to book your consultation on 01733308737.


The Bella Mia team will make you feel special from the moment you walk in until the moment you leave, with beautiful, elegant results.

Not only will we pamper you on your special day, but also leading up to your wedding. We offer preparation services which include hair treatments, colours, hair extensions, massage, facials & body contouring to prepare you for those all-important photos!

On the big day

Congratulations on your exciting news!

Relax & enjoy your special day by taking the hassle out of your morning with our team. You can put us in touch with your photographer where we will arrange for your photos to be taken in the salon on the morning and anything else that you may require, we will accommodate.
For bridal groups of 3 or more, we provide complimentary breakfast (available in salon only).

We are available to travel to the venue when needed at additional cost – just let our team know where you’d require us to be and we can get a travel quote together for you.