TreatmentFuture StylistStylistDesigner Stylist
Shampoo, Cut and Finish£24.00£34.00£44.00
Wet Cut£15.50£22.50£32.50
Shampoo and Blow Dry£14.00£23.00£29.50
Blow Dry with Curly Finish£21.00£33.00£43.00
Dry Style£7.00£12.00£14.50
Occasion Hair Up£29.00£34.00£44.00
Blast Dry£10.00£10.00£15.00
Fringe Trim£8.00*free for regulars*free for regulars
Stand Alone Olaplex£25.00
Olaplex in Colour£18.00
Olaplex no2£10.00
Malibu Make Over£25.00
Malibu C Crystal Gel£18.00
Eufora Luxury Experience£8.00
TreatmentFuture StylistStylistDesigner Stylist
Full Head Short£24.00£35.00£45.00
Full Head Mid-Length£28.00£42.00£49.00
Full Head Long£33.00£44.00£54.00
Root Colour£18.00£27.00£37.00
Half Head Highlights£36.00£41.50£57.50
Full Head Highlights£49.00£56.50£78.00
Bleach Roots, inc scalp oil£28.00£32.00£44.50
Ombre/Baylagefrom £41.00from £47.00from £65.00
10 Foils/Slices£17.50£20.50£29.00
Tonerfrom £12.00from £12.00from £12.00

Smoothing or Permingfrom £34.00
Straighteningfrom £50.00

Micro Rings & Kerating Hot Fusion:
FREE consultation.
Price on application.

TreatmentFuture StylistStylistDesigner Stylist
Up to Age 4£10.00£10.00£15.00
Dry Cut Aged 5-12yrs£10.00£10.00£15.00
Wet Cut Aged 5-12yrs£15.00£15.00£29.00
Shampoo, Cut & Style£20.00£25.00£44.00
TreatmentFuture StylistStylistDesigner Stylist
Shampoo & Cut£16.50£18.50£22.50
Dry Cut£13.50£15.50£19.50
Clippers Only£8.00£11.00£14.50
ColourSee colour pricing
Bridal Hair£55.00£68.00
Luxury Experience£87.00
Bridal Make Up£46.00£52.00
Hair Trial (60mins)£45.00£58.00
Make Up Trial (60mins)£45.00£51.00
Complimentary breakfast in our salon when bridal groups of 2 or more book together.Price   
Hair & Makeupfrom £117.00
Luxury Hair & Makeupfrom £134.00