Top Tips For Looking After Your Hair In The Winter

While it may be kinder on your hair to dry your hair naturally, this is much easier in the warmer weather. Air drying your hair in the winter often makes you feel that your hair may freeze and snap off like an icicle; which of course wouldn’t happen!

Using a good quality heat protection product, like the Eufora hair care products we have available, is always recommended if you do need to blow dry your hair or use heat to style your hair. However, there are still ways that you can air dry your hair during winter.

In this blog post we have put together some top tips for air drying your hair in the colder winter months;

Get A Shammy Towel

Quick-dry towel head wraps are awesome for the colder months. They can often reduce the drying time of your hair by half and you’ll find your hair is much more manageable and smoother too. We would recommend popping your hair in the head towel for 15 minutes, adding a little serum, again we have some gorgeous hair serums that we recommend, and then leave your hair to dry naturally to about 80% dry. Stick your hair up in a bun for an hour or two and you’ll be left with luscious smooth waves in your hair, reduced frizz and added shine.

Avoid Heavy Products

Try to avoid the heavier hair care products when air drying your hair such as high street branded products that usually have more ingredients that coat the hair, to give the illusion of shine when over time and with build up, it makes your hair heavy, dull and life-less. This means it will take even longer for your hair to dry. Here at Bella Mia we have some beautiful hair care products that we would recommend with the right ingredients that will really benefit the hair. They will add moisture to your hair and they are lightweight so they won’t weight your hair down, and you’ll notice the drying time is reduced too!

Here at Bella Mia we use, and recommend, Eufora products – after just one use you’ll feel the difference.

Get Super Clean

It is a well known fact amongst hairdressers that the cleaner your hair is, the faster your hair will dry. Make sure that when you are washing your hair you really work that shampoo into your hair, then rinse, rinse and rinse again. Try and keep the conditioner just at the mid-length and ends so you don’t have too much product in your hair. If you’re looking to try a new shampoo on your hair that really cleans your hair then have a chat with your hairdresser when you’re next in and we can recommend the best shampoo for your hair.

Minimise The Frizz

When air drying your hair in the winter months, there will always be the risk of frizz – but help is at hand. The frizzy hair look happens because there is no heat to gently force your cuticles to lay flat and produce shine, so you need to use some smoothing products to encourage your hair cuticles to lay flat, and for your hair to shine fabulously. We have some awesome Eufora hair products that offer smoothing and shine in one, and they smell delicious too!