Winter Hair Help!

Brrrr….Baby It’s Cold Outside!

It’s that time of year again, the scarves and hats are out and we are snuggling under our cozy blankets to get ourselves through these winter months!

The cold weather affects our hair condition in several ways; we’re talking dryness, static, frizz and general lack of ‘summerlicious’ hair as we like to call it. The list goes on! So how do we minimise these harsh winter hair symptoms and keep our precious hair beautiful and shiny you ask? Read on as we share some of our favourite Bella Mia hair care tips with you to combat those worrisome winter hair woes.

1. Moisturise

If you haven’t heard this tip already, we’re stressing its’ importance once again. Especially now in the colder months, the indoor heating tends to take a lot of moisture out of the hair and dry it out. Sometimes this can also create a dry and flaky scalp. Using leave in conditioners and deep moisturising masks such as Morroccan oil hydrating mask (try our Morrroccan oil hydrating Christmas kit for just £41.45 which contains a 75ml mask along with other goodies inc original Morroccan oil.) Use these at least a few times a month until your hair is replenished with much needed moisture. This will also prevent split ends and breakages and keep the hair shining.

2. Weather Protect

As with your makeup and skincare routine, hair products should be rotated in and out ideally every season. While serum and shine spray should be enough to get you through your summer months, during the winter you need to add effective styling products to keep your hair in place. No one wants that dreaded wind swept look through the glamorous party season. Why not try our Label M blow out spray (£13.50) in wet hair to hold and set your style in place. Follow with our best selling Label M smoothing cream (£14.75) which you can use in wet hair to smooth and add heat protection, then once your locks are dry add a touch more smoothing cream to hold down those fly-aways! Finish with a few sprays of windproof hairspray, try Label M hairspray (£12.95).

3. Hat Head Help

Although hats are hot this season, there is literally nothing worse than ‘step’ hair –where there is a definite indent between one section of your head and another. To avoid that naughty ‘step’ once the hat comes off, ensure you use Label.M’s Hold and gloss spray (£12.75). This will create a silky smooth finish that prevents your head garments from ‘sticking’. If you have time, delicately curl hair and run through your fingers with a soft hairspray from Label.M to keep the style. Not only will this help you look hot, it will help hide any bad hair movement created by your hat!

4. Intensive Treatment

With the harsh winds beating against us daily, essential moisture is lost and inevitably leaves hair looking and feeling worse for wear. Throughout the colder months you should aim to use weekly intensive conditioning treatments, such as Label M intensive repair mask (£14.75) or Olaplex No3 (£30). Olaplex No3 is to be used once you have indulged in our in-salon Olaplex No1 & No2 treatment, (£30) which help to reform the bonds in heat damaged, environmentally damaged and chemically damaged hair. The Olaplex in-salon treatment includes a complimentary hand and arm massage while your hair is being repaired by this innovative treatment. You can also request to have it put into your colour or bleach to repair your hair while. This helps to nourish and hydrate limp and dry locks. It is certainly worth spending a little more on a good product to get results that last until your next hair appointment.